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Lin Geng Min/Designer

WIX公版2020_工作區域 1 複本.png

Project : 遺照紀念館 ( Postumous valley - life memorial hall )

Statement : 
       Its all begin at  Once I took a visit to ShuiJiaoShe and then hung around .  I surprisingly found that all funeral parlor in Taiwan look the same - according to my own experience of that in Taichung and Taipei.Entire  process  from the time people pray to can towers on the ground all look the same .I got a feeling from this phenomenon that all funeral is nothing  but held to show to people .
       I chose life memorial hall as my project not only because Juxi is served as the boundary between 水交社military village and graveyard - which accordingly symbolize life and death,but also I hope through this memorial ceremony people can truely mourn for deceased from the botton of their heart and simultaneously change their remote attitude toward this green land.


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