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新AI公版+教學 CS6-02_工作區域 1 複本.jpg

Generation Gap
The school ,the new residential area and the military village are separated by this site. The young generation and the old generation are separated by this site.

Appear & Disappear
Because of the low-lying site, it is difficult to see this site from a distance.When you close to the sidewalk around the site,the site will appear suddenly. Because the site is covered  with many kinds of plants, the creek disappears from sight gradually.

Regular & Free
The building symbolizes regular, and the plant symbolizes nature.The straight line symbolizes regular, and the curve symbolizes free.

新AI公版+教學 CS6-02-02.jpg

The site is a gap which obstructs the interactions between the old generation and the young generation.Although it is a park now, there are few people walking into the low-lying place. I hope it will be the bridge between the old generation and the young generation. People can  share with each other and learn something new from different generations. In addtion, people also  can break away from the traffic and pollution in the city and commune with nature.

Enclose the space and guide the circulationwith the ribbon which can gather different gengrations.The ribbon transition between ceiling and floor, and it also transition between inside, semi-outdoor, and outside.

新AI公版+教學 CS6-02-03.jpg
新AI公版+教學 CS6-08.jpg
新AI公版+教學 CS6-04.jpg
新AI公版+教學 CS6-05.jpg
新AI公版+教學 CS6-06.jpg
新AI公版+教學 CS6-07.jpg

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